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Articles by cajun_luvin

Memorable moments   8/17/2014

Do you have anything happen that was so funny you will never forget that moment?

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Have you been busted?   8/17/2014

I'd like to hear experiences from people who have been caught (busted) with someone else when you have a husband, wife, partner.

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False Pics   8/17/2014

How have you responded when you meet someone for the first time in person and their pic(s) were obviously not accurate? Interested in knowing what excuses they provided for such deception!

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Has anyone offered you money?   8/17/2014

Has anyone been offered money for there company? How did you handle that? If you accepted, how was the experience?

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Longterm FWB   8/17/2014

Do you have any advice to share about cultivating and sustaining a longterm fwb situation?

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Discretion   8/17/2014

Have you ever had an encounter when you've been discovered and didn't want that to happen?

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Jealousy   8/17/2014

Do you have any experience(s) with a partner having jealous feelings about an encounter?

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Condoms   8/17/2014

Do you use condoms with each encounter? If not, what determines if you will or will not use one?

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Can't take no for an answer   8/17/2014

Have you ever had someone who just can't seem to take no for an answer? If so, how have you handled the situation?

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BBC   8/17/2014

I'd like to know what you like about bbc?

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Second Encounter   8/17/2014

How do you let someone know that you're not interested in a second encounter?

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